The core technology developed by Google empowering enterprise container platforms everywhere. Get access to Anthos capabilities through Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Google Distributed Cloud (GDC).

The evolution of Anthos. Build and run modern applications at scale.

Enterprise platforms

We’ve packaged over a decade’s worth of experience launching several billion containers per week into Google Cloud so that developers and businesses of any size can easily tap into the latest in container innovation. Built on the learnings from our internal cluster management system Borg, we open sourced and made it easier and more flexible to orchestrate containers with Kubernetes. We streamlined the process of managing microservices with service mesh and led the way for developer efficiency by creating the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) standards used around the world today.

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Run more enterprise workloads securely and reliably

By automatically enforcing consistent workload-specific security and compliance guardrails and best practices from a unified multi-cluster management UI, customers have greater visibility into security posture across clusters and have reduced mean time to resolution for security issues by up to 91%.

Deliver easily at scale with multi-team and multi-cluster management

Multiple platform teams can more easily deliver customized environments to multiple development teams with less toil and rework. Platform teams using GKE Enterprise can improve productivity by 45%. With less time spent waiting for environments and less risk of improperly configured clusters, development teams can speed software deployment times by 73%. 


Reduce TCO with an integrated container platform by Google Cloud

By offloading platform operations like updates, upgrades, and patches to Google Cloud’s site reliability engineers, customers reduce operational burden, resolve performance issues faster, avoid unplanned downtime, and reduce time to market—adding up to a 196% ROI in three years. 

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"GKE is the foundation of Equifax's global data fabric and helps Equifax customers around the world live their financial best. GKE Enterprise edition has allowed us to scale rapidly with strong security and governance controls and meet our customers' service level requirements while keeping costs down. We rely on GKE to scale consistently, reduce risk, and innovate rapidly for our customers."

Vipul Mapara, SRE Leader and Equifax Fellow, Equifax


Increase velocity with team-based management

Share cluster resources across teams by defining team scopes that give access to team members/groups at the namespace or cluster level using Google identity and access management.

Secure and manage traffic

Build robust enterprise applications made up of many microservices. Service Mesh factors out the common concerns of running a service—such as monitoring, networking, and security—with consistent, powerful tools.

Improve observability

Aggregate logs and metrics across the fleet, create per-team log buckets, and use fleet support in the in-context observability dashboard.

Manage multiple clusters as one entity

Platform admin teams can uniformly deploy, enable, and define default security and governance policies across a fleet of clusters, eliminating snowflake clusters (available at GA only).

Enforce compliance policies with ease

Apply and enforce programmable security and compliance policies across your clusters. With a full library of prebuilt policies for common controls, Policy Controller lets you analyze and catch non-compliant changes before application.

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)

Experience a unified and integrated UI/UX for all GKE clusters and workloads across all environments, unifying the GKE and Anthos experiences.

Securely run enterprise workloads

Advanced vulnerability insights for language packs (AVI) enable continuous scanning for vulnerabilities in language packages to understand the security posture of apps in GKE workloads.

Deploy configurations from Git

Support multiple clusters with improved stability, readability, consistency, audit, and security with Config Delivery. In just a few clicks, enable built-in observability dashboards. From there, view the state of your synchronization and reconciliation.

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"With GKE Enterprise, we can better quantify our guests’ experiences by accessing data, reporting, and opportunities to improve. It enables our software development and release processes (DevOps) to mature, leading to better business choices and better guest experiences. Today, this is a competitive advantage for Ulta Beauty."

Paul Younan, IT Manager, Ulta Beauty