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Data Cloud for ISVs

Over 1000 technology companies power their applications using Google’s data and AI cloud

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Innovate, optimize, and amplify with Google Cloud

Through the Built with BigQuery initiative, we help ISVs further innovate, optimize, and amplify their brand by providing dedicated access to Google Cloud experts and co-marketing support. Google Cloud engineering teams work closely for product design and optimization. In addition to free training, ISVs are enabled on architecture patterns and best practices. 

Drive innovation and unlock new business models

The continuous rise in the volume of data collected and generated by ISVs allows them to empower their customers, expand their partner ecosystem, and unlock new revenue streams. Google Cloud provides simple and secure ways for ISVs to share the same datasets with all their customers or share only customer specific data through a data twin model.

Google Data Center

Learn more about a data cloud and how it can help you transform your business

Accelerate time to impact with a simplified data cloud

We bring data and software together to build a simplified data cloud. Google’s data cloud provides a complete platform for building data-driven applications, from simplified data ingestion, processing and storage to powerful analytics, AI/ML and data sharing capabilities, all seamlessly integrated with Google Cloud’s open, secure, sustainable platform.


"Built with Google’s data cloud, Exabeam’s limitless-scale cybersecurity platform helps enterprises respond to security threats faster and more accurately. We are able to ingest data from over 500 security vendors, convert into security events, and create a platform to store in a cost effective way. Google’s data cloud enables our customers to search multi-year data and detect threats in seconds."

Sanjay Chaudhary, VP of Products at Exabeam

Over 900 tech companies build apps with Google's data cloud

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Blume Global

"Our partnership with Google Cloud is helping us achieve our mission to build the next-generation supply chain operating system. Blume Maps, our digital twin of the supply chain world built with Google’s data cloud, allows our customers to generate accurate lead times, real-time shipment location and ETAs."

Pervinder Johar, CEO of Blume Global