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Migrate to Virtual Machines

Fast, flexible, and safe migration of virtual machines to Google Cloud.

Frictionless, enterprise-grade migration for any business

Cloud migration creates a lot of questions. Migrate to Virtual Machines by Google Cloud has the answers. Whether you’re looking to migrate one application from on-premises or one thousand enterprise-grade applications across multiple data centers, Migrate to Virtual Machines gives any IT team, large or small, the power to migrate their workloads to Google Cloud.

Watch the video to your right to hear what one of our customers, Rackspace Technology, thinks about Migrate to Virtual Machine's speed and ease of use. 

Migrate to Virtual Machines is part of Migration Center, our centralized, end-to-end hub for migration and modernization. Learn more or start using it now

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Fast, efficient migrations

With Migrate to Virtual Machines simple “as a service” interface within Cloud Console and flexible migration options, it’s easy for anyone to reduce the time and toil that typically goes into a migration. Avoid complex deployments, setup, and configurations. Eliminate confusing and troublesome client-side migration tool agents. By using the right migration tool, you can save your migration team’s valuable time for what matters most: migrating workloads. 

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Simplicity at scale

Take advantage of Migrate to Virtual Machines speed, scale, and flexibility to accelerate your migration program. Migrate a single app with a few clicks, execute a migration sprint with 100 systems using groups, or use our Cloud API to build your in-house migration factory. With Migrate to Virtual Machines, you are empowered to customize your migration in whatever way that is best for you.

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Minimal downtime and risk

Built-in testing makes it fast and easy to validate before you migrate. No client-side software agents means no impact on the resources needed by the workload itself, no need to open access to or from the network where the workload is running, and the ability to complete your migration without the source systems running at all. And periodically replicating data from the source workload to the destination without manual steps or interruptions to the running workload minimizes workload downtime and enables fast cutover to the cloud.

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Lower cost, higher staff productivity

Migrate to Virtual Machines as-a-service offering helps reduce migration labor and complexity. By leveraging speed and simplicity, you can eliminate costly on-premises hardware and software licenses. Plus, Migrate to Virtual Machines provides usage-driven analytics to help you rightsize destination instances and avoid cloud over-provisioning.


Get a firsthand look at how Migrate to Virtual Machines can accelerate your migrations to Google Cloud. 

Migrate to Virtual Machines: The basics

Migrate to Virtual Machines lets you migrate your VMs from your on-prem or other clouds to Google Compute Engine.
Migrate to Virtual Machines video thumbnail

Migrate to Virtual Machines video thumbnail

Learn more about Migration Center

Google Cloud Migration Center is a unified platform that helps you accelerate your end-to-end cloud journey from your current on-premises or cloud environments to Google Cloud. With features like cloud spend estimation, asset discovery of your current environment, and a variety of tooling for different migration scenarios, Migration Center provides you with what you need for your migration. Try it now, or watch the video below to learn more. 
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Visit g.co/cloud/migrate to learn more.


Migration Center integration

Migrate to Virtual Machines is integrated into Migration Center's centralized migration and modernization hub, which helps reduce the complexity, time, and cost of migration projects. 

Advanced replication technology

Migrate to Virtual Machines advanced replication migration technology copies instance data to Google Cloud in the background with no interruptions to the source workload that’s running.

As a service

Provision cloud instances directly from Migrate to Virtual Machines, including support for customizations to networking, encrypted disks, and more. 

Destination flexibility

Migrate to flexible cloud targets (projects, instance types, etc.) directly from Migrate to Virtual Machines, including support for customizations to networking, disks, and more.

Pre-migration validation and testing

Pre-migration validation via Migrate to Virtual Machines test-clone capability, which allows non-disruptive testing of production workloads and data directly in the cloud, within an isolated environment that has zero impact on production or live systems.

Migration groups

Plan and execute migration waves within Google Cloud Console using VM groups. Group VMs based on your needs (examples: application types, workload ownership, etc.) which enables you to run one-click group migration. In addition, you can have the flexibility to execute migration operations on specific VMs within the group (e.g. test-clone a set of VMs from a group).

Automatic and seamless adaptations

Automatic and seamless adaptations for cloud, including driver/agent installations, networking, licensing, and more. No required manual changes to the applications, images, networks, storage, or drivers are required when migrating popular operating systems and versions.

On-premises utilization reports

Easily plan your destination instance sizes with help from built-in on-premises utilization reports, so as to avoid accidental cloud overprovisioning.

Programmable migrations

Programmable operations with Cloud API enable automation of the migration flow using the orchestration/automation tools of your choice.

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"Migrate to Virtual Machines has helped Rackspace Technology to greatly accelerate our customers' transition into Google Cloud. It handles the complexities of MSSQL and Windows that we previously had to solve with custom log shipping and other consistency set tooling. It is very simple and it makes cutover extremely fast while minimizing downtime during cutover. To date, this is the best tool for migration to Google Compute Engine."

Matt Richins, Senior Manager Rackspace Cloud Architecture and Security, Rackspace

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