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Google Cloud for startups

Get up and running with Google Cloud. It's what other startups use to prototype and build faster, smarter, and cheaper.


Top startups are choosing Google Cloud

It's because Google Cloud offers simpler app development, leading data tools, and the ability to save money.

Build a prototype and app faster

Simplify deployment with a serverless architecture

The quickest path to build a backend web app is on Cloud Run, a fully managed serverless platform that lets you build apps in any language and deploy in seconds.


Playground xyz responds to 500K requests in 10 milliseconds on Cloud Run

Build faster with industry-leading containers and compute

Startups love that we offer the most mature container-based cloud environment with GKE and serious value in compute with Compute Engine for building and running VMs.


CICIL doubles the speed of app deployment with GKE migration

Build and grow mobile apps that customers love

For mobile, use Google-backed Firebase. It offers a smooth experience with a fully managed backend to help you quickly build and ship apps on Android, iOS, and web.


Meitu reduces testing time from two months to four weeks using Firebase
Make smarter decisions, earlier

Gain and share insights faster with real-time analytics

For analytics, use BigQuery to easily gain insights from your data and securely access it to build and iterate based on customer and business feedback.


Malt matches freelancers to clients at a 98% success rate using BigQuery

Delight customers and accelerate growth with innovation in AI/ML

Get pre-trained models, transcribe speech to text, and more with AutoML. Customize models with nearly 80% fewer lines of code versus other platforms using Vertex AI.


Jobecam cuts down time for automatic speech by 93% with AutoML

Improve your mobile app with an agile data platform

For mobile, Firebase offers robust integrations with Google Cloud products like BigQuery to help you run custom analysis of your data as your team grows.


Fabulous improves user retention 2X from analytics tools via Firebase
Save money

Minimize infrastructure costs to focus on building great apps

Save money on your compute costs with serverless or containers, and use a data platform that keeps querying costs down by decoupling storage and compute.


AhaChat saves 33% on server costs compared to its previous cloud provider

Receive the lowest cost solution for scale-out workloads

If you do use VMs for app development, Google Cloud’s Tau VMs optimized for scale-out workloads deliver 42% better price performance over comparable cloud offerings.


Ascend achieves 125% higher price performance with Tau VMs

Get support to build, grow, and scale your startup

All startups get $300 in free credits to spend on Google Cloud. For pre-seed to series A startups, apply to the Google for Startups Cloud Program for more benefits.


Swit receives tailored mentorship and usage credits to fuel growth

Grow your startup with special offers

With Google Workspace, get all the productivity and collaboration tools your startup needs to get ahead.
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Get your first year covered by Google Cloud credits with the Google for Startups Cloud Program.
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Google for Startups Cloud Program

Supercharge your growth. Qualified pre-seed to series A startups can apply to the Google for Startups Cloud Program to get access to dedicated startup experts, cloud credits for two years, and guidance from Google engineers.

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