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Google Distributed Cloud Hosted

Air-gapped private cloud for regulated customers

GDC Hosted enables public sector organizations and regulated enterprises to address strict data residency and security requirements, delivering innovation to their users.


Full isolation

GDC Hosted is air-gapped and does not require connectivity to Google Cloud or the public internet to manage the infrastructure, services, APIs, or tooling, and is built to remain disconnected in perpetuity. GDC Hosted is designed to support strict requirements in alignment with NIST SP 800-53-FedRAMP high security controls.

Integrated cloud services

GDC Hosted delivers advanced cloud services, including many of our data and machine learning technologies. Customers can use built-in AI solutions, such as Translation API, Speech-to-Text, or optical character recognition (OCR) which are features of our Vertex AI product that follows our AI Principles. GDC Hosted is also built to be extensible and enables a catalog of independent software vendors' (ISVs) applications through our marketplace.

Open ecosystem

GDC Hosted is designed around Google Cloud’s open cloud strategy. It is built on the Kubernetes API, and uses industry-leading open source components in the platform and managed services. Open software accelerates developer adoption by leveraging existing expertise and tools versus requiring customers to learn new, proprietary systems. 

Flexible hardware options

GDC Hosted provides customers with industry-leading flexibility for hardware including general purpose compute and GPUs. Customers can start small with as few as four racks and grow to hundreds as their workloads grow. GDC Hosted also provides a fully redundant, high-availability architecture for mission-critical systems.

Configurable operations

While the technology at the core of every GDC Hosted deployment is the same, the operating model can be configured to each customer’s unique needs. Customers enjoy a consistent developer experience and access to a robust set of managed services, while being able to tailor deployment and operations to address their specific requirements. GDC Hosted can be operated by Google, a trusted partner, or a combination of the two with the ability to customize elements like operator citizenship and clearances.

How It Works

GDC Hosted leverages familiar architectures and tooling including API, CLI, and a web console so you can log in and start innovating. Our open architecture enables integration with many of the developer tools you use today, creating familiarity across both public and air-gapped private cloud.
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What is GDC Hosted?

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How GDC Hosted pricing works

Pricing for GDC Hosted is based on the services you intend to consume, and the capacity that you will use to run those services.

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How GDC Hosted pricing works Pricing for GDC Hosted is based on the services you intend to consume, and the capacity that you will use to run those services.
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