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Document AI for procurement

Automate procurement data capture at scale by turning unstructured documents like invoices and receipts into structured data to increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and inform decision-making.


Automate procurement data capture at scale to improve operational efficiency

Lower TCO for procure-to-pay processing by up to 60%

Reduce manual document processing by providing a cost-effective approach to data extraction for invoices, receipts, and other valuable documents in the procurement cycle, including sourcing and procure to pay.

Smarter procurement processes

Boost data accuracy for document extraction through specialized DocAI parsers with advanced OCR, computer vision, and natural language processing. Improve customer experience with multi-language coverage.

Leverage Google knowledge graph to enrich data

Validate and enrich parsed information with Google Knowledge Graph to make the data even more useful, checking company names, addresses, phone number, and other details against entities on the internet.


Try Document AI in your environment

Upload a document (an invoice, for example) and see the structured data extracted.


Document AI customer stories

Document AI helps customers automate procurement data capture at scale.

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