An open source render manager for media content.

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OpenCue workflow on Google Cloud

Production proven render management

OpenCue is a highly scalable render manager designed for the visual effects and animation industry. It provides a flexible architecture allowing you to tag and allocate specific jobs and tasks to specific machine types across multiple locations, both on-premises and in the cloud.
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Actively developed for the industry

Originally developed by Sony Imageworks, OpenCue is hosted at the Academy Software Foundation (ASWF), a vendor-neutral home for open source software development across the motion picture and broader media industries.

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Cost savings

Avoid typical subscription and license fees found with commercial render managers.

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Production tested

OpenCue comes from a pipeline with a long history of managing and delivering a large number of mission-critical renders.


Granular task controls

Many tasks can run on a single host, each with their own reserved core and memory requirements.

Detailed job tagging options

Assign specific machine properties to each job, either individually or in a group.

Highly scalable architecture

No limits to the processor count for any individual job and a database architecture that scales to hundreds of thousands of cores.


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