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Cloud Endpoints

Develop API gateways in gRPC with an extensible service proxy

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Build API gateways

Cloud Endpoints uses an open source proxy and distributed architecture for performance and scale. Using an OpenAPI Specification or one of our API frameworks, Cloud Endpoints gives you the tools you need for API development and provides insight with Cloud Logging, Cloud Monitoring, and Cloud Trace.

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Protect your API

Control who has access to your API and validate every call with JSON Web Tokens and Google API keys. Integration with Auth0 and Firebase Authentication lets you identify the users of your web or mobile application.

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Low latency

Extensible Service Proxy delivers security and insight in less than 1 ms per call. Deploy your API automatically with App Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine, or add our proxy container to your Kubernetes deployment.

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API monitoring

Monitor critical operations metrics in Google Cloud Console and gain insight into your users and usage with Cloud Trace, Cloud Logging, and BigQuery.

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Choose your own framework

Use your favorite API framework and language, or choose our open source Cloud Endpoints frameworks in Java or Python. Simply upload an OpenAPI specification and deploy our containerized proxy.


User authentication

JSON Web Token validation and a streamlined developer experience for Firebase Authentication, Google Auth, and Auth0.

API keys

Generate API keys in Google Cloud Console and validate on every API call. Share your API with other developers to allow them to generate their own keys.

Automated deployment

With App Engine, the proxy is deployed automatically with your application. On Google Kubernetes Engine or Compute Engine, use our containerized ESP for simple deployment.

Easy integration

Get started fast by using one of our Cloud Endpoints Frameworks or by simply adding an OpenAPI specification to your deployment.

Logging and monitoring

Monitor traffic, error rates, and latency, and review logs in Cloud Logging. Use Cloud Trace to dive into performance and BigQuery for analysis.


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