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Vertex AI Search and Conversation

Build generative AI search and conversations for customers and employees with Vertex AI Search and Conversation (formerly Gen App Builder)— now generally available. 

New Vertex AI Search and Conversation customers enjoy a one time $1,000 credit per Google Cloud billing account. Get started today! 

  • Help customers and employees quickly get relevant information

  • Combine enterprise data with Google search and conversational AI

  • Build generative AI experiences with text, voice, images, and video

  • Enjoy enterprise grade scalability, data privacy, security, and controls 


Easily adopt generative AI for your business or govt

Make customer, partner, and employee interactions more effective and personalized with the power of generative AI.

Simplify the orchestration of AI experiences

Vertex AI Search and Conversation's easy-to-use orchestration layer abstracts the complexity of building enterprise-ready apps. 

Maintain control over your data and applications

Protect the privacy and security of your data. Google does not use your data to train our ML models or for advertising. 

Key features

Key features

Build and deploy search and conversational applications quickly

Vertex AI’s out-of-box capabilities can remove the need for data chunking, generating embeddings, or managing indexes, conversational decision trees etc, hiding complexity behind a straightforward orchestration interface that lets developers build apps in hours and days with little or no coding and no prior machine learning experience. Enterprises can easily ingest data across various internal and external sources to build applications that understand user intent via natural language, and surface the right information with associated citations and attributions from a company’s public and private data. 

Use a single platform for varying development needs

Enterprise developers who want to get started quickly can use the out-of-the-box capabilities to build and deploy chatbots and search engines in hours and days. Developers who want to combine multiple capabilities into enterprise workflows can use our API for direct integration. Advanced developers or AI practitioners can make deep customizations via Vertex AI offerings like Vector Search or Enterprise Knowledge Graph or Contact Center AI.

Create personalized multi-modal and multi-turn experiences

Apps built with Vertex AI Search and Conversation help enterprises solve the long-standing headache of surfacing personalized and relevant information from across the organization for customers and employees, turning tasks that used to take hours into quick searches or conversational explorations. Thanks to Google’s foundation models, these applications support multi-modal interactions that use not just text but also other forms of data such as images and voice. They can have multi-turn conversations that mean users can ask follow-up questions without having to start from scratch, and offer content summarization, citations and recommendations to aid in knowledge discovery and build confidence in information shared. 

Enable transactions and connect data across your applications

With Vertex AI extensions your chatbots can access 1st or third party applications for information retrieval and to take actions on the user's behalf for e.g. booking a calendar or purchasing a flight. Vertex AI's data connectors offer data ingestion and read only access to data from across your enterprise, Google and third party applications like JIRA, Confluence and Salesforce. This means your search results are always fresh. 

Ground responses in enterprise data and maintain full control

With Vertex AI Search and Conversation enterprise developers have full control over what data their applications access and index, which tools the applications can take actions on behalf of the user and what information is surfaced to which user. All application data and user interactions are stored in the enterprise’s own cloud instance. This data is never accessed by Google Cloud or used to train Google’s underlying machine learning models. Vertex AI Search and Conversation also support several industry compliance standards like HIPAA, DRZ, and CMEK. 

What's new

What’s new

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Get started with Vertex AI Conversation

This guide describes important information about generative AI powered chatbots and voice agents, how to use them, and how to improve them.


This tutorial explains how to create three search apps, one for each type of data: website, structured data, and unstructured data.

Use cases

Use cases

Use case
Build custom search engines

With Vertex AI Search, enterprises can build search experiences for customers and employees on their public websites or private data. In addition to supporting high-quality multimodal, multi-turn search results, Vertex AI Search can summarize results and provide corresponding citations and links. These search engines have applications across a variety of industries from finance to media to healthcare. 

Use case
Build custom chat and voice bots

Vertex AI Conversation can help reinvent customer and employee interactions with generative AI powered chatbots and digital assistants. Provide more than just information by enabling transactions (e.g. bill payment) from within the chat experience. Some of the most popular uses are in customer service, where generative AI chatbots and virtual agents can contribute to increasing revenue, customer satisfaction, and loyalty. 


Pricing and access

Vertex AI Search and Conversation is  now generally available. Please visit our pricing page for more details. To make it easier for you to get started, we're offering customers new to Vertex AI Search and Conversation (this includes existing Google Cloud customers) a one time credit of $1,000 per Google Cloud billing account, applicable up to 12 months post activation (or until you consume the amount, whichever is sooner).