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Why open cloud?

Learn how Google's open cloud meets the needs of your organization by providing choice, flexibility, and agility to move faster and drive transformation.

Empowering customers with an open cloud approach

Google’s open cloud brings Google Cloud services to different physical locations such as on-premises, multiple public clouds, and the edge, while leaving the operation, governance, and evolution of the services to Google Cloud. Our open cloud approach enables you to develop software faster, innovate more easily, and scale more efficiently—while also reducing technology risk.

Google Cloud embraces open source.


Contributor to CNCF Open Source projects

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Leadership in open source

Open cloud relies on open source. We have a long history of leadership in open source—from projects like Kubernetes, TensorFlow, and more. Open source gives you the flexibility to deploy—and, if necessary, migrate—critical workloads across or off public cloud platforms.

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Flexibility to build and run apps, anywhere

You have applications in a variety of locations, and we understand you want the freedom to keep them there—or move them as needed. Anthos, the modern application platform that extends Google Cloud services and engineering practices to hybrid and multicloud environments, delivers that portability so you can modernize apps faster and establish operational consistency across them.

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Image of autonomy and control over infrastructure and data

Autonomy and control over infrastructure and data

You want full control over your infrastructure and data while still being able to leverage Google Cloud’s technologies anywhere. Open cloud helps you manage all your apps, both legacy as well as cloud native, while meeting your sovereignty needs. With this autonomy and control, you remain the ultimate arbiter to meet your regulatory and policy requirements.

Embraces partner ecosystem

Open cloud embraces its partner ecosystem rather than competing against it. With that in mind, we offer managed open source services operated by our partners that are tightly integrated into Google Cloud, providing a seamless user experience across management, billing, and support. This makes it easier for our enterprise customers to build on open source technologies.

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Maximize the business value of Google Cloud

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