Data Cloud Alliance

A new initiative to ensure that global businesses have more seamless access and insights into the data required for digital transformation.

Our Mission

Businesses face growing pressures to digitally transform - to reach consumers in new ways, launch entirely new digital businesses, and to meet increasingly complex governance and compliance requirements.

Our mission is to solve modern data challenges of enterprises and accelerate their path to value creation.

Stages in product delivery to customers


The Data Cloud Alliance members represent many of the most widely-adopted and fastest-growing enterprise data platforms today across analytics, storage, databases and business intelligence.

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Databricks logo

"Databricks is excited to partner with Google Cloud to foster data sharing based on open standards like Delta Lake. The Data Cloud Alliance reinforces our commitment to open data sharing and the open data lakehouse paradigm, which empower data teams to collaborate more effectively."

David Meyer, SVP of Products at Databricks.

Core Principles

  • Commitment to accelerating adoption across industries through common industry data models, open standards, processes, and end-to-end integrated products and solutions.
  • Commitment to reducing challenges and complexity with data governance, data privacy, data loss prevention, and global compliance
  • Commitment to solving the skills gap through skill development for practitioners in modern data and analytics technologies 
core principles
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"We are excited to partner with Google Cloud and the members of the Data Cloud Alliance to unify access to data across clouds and application environments. Legacy frameworks have made working with data hard for too many organizations. There couldn’t be a more timely and important data initiative to build faster and smarter data-driven applications for customers."

Mark Porter, Chief Technology Officer at MongoDB