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Identity Platform

Add Google-grade identity and access management to your apps with our customer identity and access management (CIAM) platform.

  • Add identity and access management functionality to your applications

  • Protect user accounts

  • Scale with confidence on Google Cloud

Identity Platform


Google-grade authentication

With Identity Platform, you can add a widely adopted, user-friendly, and customizable authentication service to your web and mobile apps with ease, so you can focus on building your app or service.

Advanced user security

Identity Platform can help protect your app’s users and prevent account takeovers by offering multi-factor authentication (MFA) and integrating with Google’s intelligence for account protection.

Planet-scale infrastructure

Identity Platform is built on Google Cloud's global scale, performance, network, and security, and comes with an enterprise-grade support and SLA to meet the demands of virtually any app or service.

Key features

Key features

Authentication as a service

Identity Platform provides a drop-in, customizable authentication service for user sign-up and sign-in. Development and admin activities are made easier with a range of app SDKs (Android, iOS, and web) as well as admin SDKs (Node.js, Java, Python, and more).

Broad protocol support

Identity Platform supports multiple authentication methods (SAML, OIDC, email/password, social, phone, and custom auth) to provide flexible integration options for any identity solution.


Identity Platform supports creating unique silos of users and configurations within a single instance. These silos might represent different customers, business units, subsidiaries, or some other division.

Intelligent account protection

Identity Platform is integrated with Google’s intelligence and threat signals to help detect compromised user accounts. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) methods, such as SMS, can also be used to help protect user accounts from phishing attacks.

Enterprise support and SLA

Identity Platform includes technical support and 99.95% SLA to give you peace of mind for a foundational component of your app or service.

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"Without Firebase and Google Identity Platform we would not have been capable of delivering the Sign-in with Apple feature in such a short time."

Steve Widinghoff, Architect - Accounts Tech Team, Storytel

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Get started with Identity Platform

Learn how to use Identity Platform to sign in a user with an email and password.

Understand Identity Platform concepts

Learn about authentication, users, admin APIs, and multi-tenancy with Identity Platform.

Exploring Cloud Identity Services

In this video series, Exploring Cloud Identity Services, learn how to unify access to products and services with Cloud Identity. 

Identity Platform multi-tenancy

Learn how to add multiple tenants and create unique silos of users and configurations within a single Identity Platform project.

Google Cloud Basics
Sign in a user with an email by using Identity Platform

Learn how to use Identity Platform to sign in a user with an email and password.



Identity Platform charges per Monthly Active User (MAU) for most sign-in methods. Any account that has signed in within a given month is considered an active user. Inactive users are stored at no cost.

Phone and multi-factor authentication users are charged per message sent.