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Document AI for lending

Transform the home loan experience for borrowers and lenders by automating mortgage document processing. Reduce processing time and streamline data capture while supporting regulatory and compliance requirements.


Automate data capture to fast track the home loan process from weeks to days

Increase operational efficiency in the loan process

Speed up the mortgage workflow processes to easily process loans and automate document data capture, while ensuring the accuracy and breadth of different documents (e.g., tax statements and asset documents).

Improve home loan experience

Reduce the complexity of document process automation. Enable mortgage applications to be more easily processed across all stages of the mortgage life cycle, and accelerate time to close in the loan process.

Support regulatory and compliance requirements

Enhance your compliance posture by utilizing a technology stack—data access controls and transparency, data residency, customer-managed encryption keys—that reduces the risk of implementing an AI strategy.


Try Document AI in your environment

Upload a document (such as an invoice) and see the structured data extracted.

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