Google Cloud Healthcare Data Engine

Generate a longitudinal patient record across siloed data in near real time to power your applications, analytics, and AI.

Introducing Google Cloud's Healthcare Data Engine Accelerators

Build with generative AI that's designed for healthcare

MedLM is a suite of medically-tuned foundation models, developed by Google Research and available on Vertex AI.

  • Unlock knowledge to transform your workflow: Helping you reduce administrative burdens and synthesize information seamlessly.
  • Build customized solutions seamlessly: Customizable so that you can embed into your workflow and integrate with your data.
  • Innovate safely and responsibly: Access and use of patient data is protected through the implementation of Google Cloud's reliable infrastructure and secure data storage that support HIPAA compliance.
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Provide actionable insights to accelerate time-to-impact for your patients

Leverage healthcare-specific infrastructure configurations, data models, and visualizations to power impactful Use Case Accelerators including:

  • Patient Flow Explorer: Enable a customized dashboard for users to proactively surface key trends and help avoid critical bottlenecks (for example, ED diversion, ICU capacity). 
  • Transitions of Care Analytics: Provide a cross-EHR patient single “pane of glass” view of consolidated and harmonized patient data.
  • Social Determinants of Health Explorer: Empower users to connect social determinants of health data and community resources to at-risk patients.

Enable interoperability at enterprise scale

Unify different clinical data formats from disparate systems into FHIR store to enable interoperability, security, and which supports HIPAA compliance.

Automatically export, transform, and synchronize petabytes of heavily nested FHIR data into BigQuery, unlocking data-driven insights and decision-making in near real time.

Get useful, reliable, accessible data in near real time

Intelligently reconcile fragmented, siloed source data into longitudinal patient records in near real time to reflect the current health status of an individual patient and/or populations of patients.

Highmark uses data and analytics to improve value-based care

“Google Cloud's Healthcare Data Engine solution helps create interoperability across Highmark Health and with outside organizations. This interoperability engine reduces as much friction as possible, so we're not asking providers to leave their workflow and go somewhere else. We're trying to introduce everything in a seamless way, so workflows will become easy for them to execute. The improved interoperability has also allowed us to share data back and forth between our provider and community-based organizations to make sure patients' social determinants of health are being addressed. This will allow us to build a personalized, engaging platform for people to manage their health."

Dr. Richard Clarke, Chief Analytics Officer, Highmark Health

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Lifepoint Health transforms healthcare delivery in communities across the U.S.

"The ability to deliver next-generation care comes from effectively combining clinical expertise with the latest technological advancements—not solely one or the other. We are excited to combine the high-quality clinical care and scale of Lifepoint's diversified healthcare network with the innovation, agility, and security of Google Cloud HDE, so we can enhance how we deliver the right care to our patients at the right time and through the right channels. This partnership is a meaningful milestone in our pursuit of advancing community-based care, and we look forward to working with Google to fulfill our mission of Making Communities Healthier."

David Dill, Chairman and CEO, Lifepoint Health

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Hartford HealthCare plans to use Google Cloud's Healthcare Data Engine to make healthcare data more accessible and actionable

“Creating world-class care requires world-class partners. We are exceptionally proud to stand with Google Cloud and work together to make seamless, personalized care a reality for patients. With Google Cloud’s technology, Hartford HealthCare will adopt better digital solutions that make care accessible for all.”

Jeffrey A. Flaks, President and CEO, Hartford HealthCare

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