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Google Cloud for EdTech

From startups to enterprise, make education more personal, safe, and accessible with 100+ cutting-edge products in AI, data, security, compute, storage, and more. 

  • Quizlet
  • Khan Academy
  • Kahoot!
  • Screencastify
  • Book Creator
  • Classcraft
  • LearningMate
  • Finalsite
  • ManagedMethods
  • Collegis Education


Make teaching and learning more personal, safe, and accessible

From prototyping your startup to scaling your enterprise, we're here to help solve your biggest challenges in education. 

Scale and individualize learning

Make your content more accessible by translating between text and audio in over +130 languages using our pre-trained or your custom models.

Deliver personalized content at scale to each learner by auto-tagging metadata across various file types to enable smart cataloging and search. 

Tap into industry leading large language models (LLMs) for automated content generation for code, text, media, and more—built with privacy in mind.

Build AI-powered experiences quickly on top of a data schema designed for interoperability across education.

Build and host cloud-native apps that can run anywhere in a hybrid and multicloud environments.

Build, manage, and secure APIs—for any use case, environment, or scale— to help accelerate product design and monetization. 

Augment your customer support team with a responsible Conversational AI to provide a 24/7 personalized experience in +130 languages and across media types. 

Unify your data for real-time education insights and efficiency

Harness real-time and predictive analytics to gain insights, visualize results, and securely share them in dashboards.

Unify your education data with our industry-leading database migration and modernization solutions.

Automate your marketing strategy with real-time analytics to score leads and engage with the right learner, educator, school, or workforce. 

Run your learning management system on Google Cloud and integrate with Google Classroom to save costs, improve security, and gain insights with data and ML tools.

Protect your data and organization

Security and risk management platform to centralize resource visibility, fix misconfigurations and compliance violations, and detect threats.

Help protect your website from fraudulent activity, spam, and abuse without creating friction with reCAPTCHA Enterprise. 

Implement, BeyondCorp, a zero-trust solution that enables secure access to applications and resources, and offers integrated threat and data protection.

Detect, investigate, and respond to cyber threats with Google's cloud-native Security Operations Suite—Chronicle.

Prevent abuse, remediate breaches, and get visibility to the latest threats with Mandiant’s proven global expertise in incident response and technical assurance. 

Supercharge your EdTech startup

Apply to the Google for Startups Cloud Program to unlock financial, business, and technical benefits.
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Apply to StartEd sponsored by Google Cloud for non-dilutive, tuition-free services to early-stage startups.
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Partners for education technology

Find a partner who can help you prototype your startup, scale and secure your enterprise architecture, and design new education solutions.

Accelerate your startup with partners who know how to build proof of concepts with scalability, AI, and security in mind.

Support your cloud journey with experts who can plan, design, and implement processes related to foundational and growth opportunities.

Discover more with generative AI, from pulling actionable insights to building assistive experiences to help navigate complex interactions and pattern detection.

Work with partners who focus on security for education, ranging from secure files, student and educator data security, and advanced AI and threat intelligence.

Become a partner

Build solutions that integrate with Google for Education

Our Google for Education Integrated Solutions initiative encourages EdTech companies to build alongside Google for Education’s tools and devices to support millions of learners and educators worldwide. 

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