Google Ads update guide

The BigQuery Data Transfer Service for Google Ads periodically updates to support new columns and adapt to changes introduced by new Google Ads API versions. The BigQuery Data Transfer Service for Google Ads connector uses the supported API version in the Google Ads connector. This document outlines the changes when updating to a new Google Ads API version.

For more information about the Google Ads API release schedule, see Timetable.

The BigQuery Data Transfer Service for Google Ads connector is updating to support the release of Google Ads API v16, which replaces Google Ads API v14. This update includes the following changes:

Tables affected Deprecated columns New columns
  • ShoppingProductStats
  • ShoppingProductConversionStats
segments_product_bidding_category_level1 segments_product_category_level1
segments_product_bidding_category_level2 segments_product_category_level2
segments_product_bidding_category_level3 segments_product_category_level3
segments_product_bidding_category_level4 segments_product_category_level4
segments_product_bidding_category_level5 segments_product_category_level5
  • ProductGroupStats
ad_group_criterion_listing_group_case_value_product_bidding_category_id ad_group_criterion_listing_group_case_value_product_category_category_id
ad_group_criterion_listing_group_case_value_product_bidding_category_level ad_group_criterion_listing_group_case_value_product_category_level
  • AssetGroupListingFilter
asset_group_listing_group_filter_case_value_product_bidding_category_id asset_group_listing_group_filter_case_value_product_category_category_id
asset_group_listing_group_filter_case_value_product_bidding_category_level asset_group_listing_group_filter_case_value_product_category_level
asset_group_listing_group_filter_vertical asset_group_listing_group_filter_listing_source

With Google Ads API v14, new columns, such as segments_product_category_level1 and segments_product_category_level2, were added to the BigQuery table schema but were populated with null. With the update to Google Ads API v16, these new columns will be populated with new values. Deprecated columns, such as segments_product_bidding_category_level1 and segments_product_bidding_category_level2, will be populated with null, but will still remain in the table schema.

For each pair of columns, only one column is populated with values from the Google Ads API while the other will be populated with null. To ensure your existing queries keep working after the update, update your queries to choose one of the two columns. For example, if you have the following statement in your SQL query:


Replace with the following statement that specifies the correct column:

IFNULL(segments_product_category_level1, segments_product_bidding_category_level1)

Transfer configurations that are created after June 24th 2024 will always use the new columns. Deprecated columns will still remain in the table schema but populated with null.