View previous versions of a rule

You can create multiple versions of a rule. This enables you to experiment with your rule logic for a more nuanced examination of your event data.

To view the versions of a rule, navigate to the Rules Editor:

  1. Select a rule.
  2. Click the rule menu icon and select View Versions as shown below.

    View Rule Versions View Versions menu option

  3. Rule versions view is displayed.

    From this view, you can select any of the previous versions of the rule. Rule versions are labeled with the time it was created.

  4. This view provides you with a number of options:

    • SAVE AS NEW—Saves the currently displayed version of the rule as a new and separate rule.
    • VIEW DETECTIONS—Display the detections stored with this version of the rule. Note: These detections might not be current depending on the age of the rule version.
    • RUN TEST—Test the current version of the rule in real time, enabling you to determine the effectiveness of this version of the rule.
  5. When you have finished examining the versions of the selected rule, click EXIT to return to the Rules Editor.