What's on Your Workdesk?

Your Workdesk is the first step in taking care of your SOC daily routine. Your Workdesk allows you to manage your cases, collaborate with your team members, and quickly respond to manual actions in the Playbooks. The data is displayed in an organized way enabling you to work quickly and efficiently. You can easily view all information regarding your daily routine using the tabs at the top of Your Workdesk.

You can access the following tabs:
  • Announcements — you can post announcements to the SOC team.
  • Pending Actions — you can view actions in a Playbook that require you to manually approve or decline them. For more information, see Respond to Pending Actions
  • My Cases — view cases assigned to you and/or your role, as well as if you are tagged in a case. For more information, see View your cases from Your Workdesk
  • My Tasks — view all tasks that are assigned to you and/or your role or created by you and assigned to others.
  • Requests — you can see all the Requests that are available for you here. For more information, see Filling out a request from Your Workdesk
  • Workspace — provides a convenient place to organize all of your links, files, contacts, and notes.