What's on the Case Overview Tab?

When you drill down to a case, you arrive at the Case Overview tab if there is more than one alert for a case. Here you can see all the information associated with the case.


The following widgets may appear in the tab: 

Pending Actions: You can view at a glance all the actions waiting for your input in order for the Playbook to carry on running.


Case Description: You can add any information pertaining to the case. 

Alerts: You can view the information on all of the alerts that are grouped in this case — including name, number of events, and priority.

Insights: This widget contains all the Insights from the Playbook insights actions, general insights, and any other insights you have added. They will be presented in HTML format.

Entity Highlights: Contains a view of the Entities associated with the case. 

  • If you need more in-depth information prior to taking an action, click the Entity and you will be taken to the Entity Explorer page to see its full details.
  • If you want to have a quick look prior to taking an action, click View More and a side drawer opens with the Entity's highlights.
  • If you want to run a specific action on an Entity, you can use this shortcut and create a Manual Action from here.

Latest Case Wall Activity: Gives you an overview of Case Wall activities over a specified time period. 

Recommendations: Displays similar cases and the recommended analysts and tags to assign to it. You can view similar cases and compare their information with the current case that you are working on.

Statistics: You can view the distribution of the selected Entity fields. 

Entities Graph: This widget contains a visual graph and other details of the Case Entities. You can view an individual Entity's highlights by clicking on it, and then a side drawer opens.


HTML:  In this widget, you can view the HTML code which contains relevant information from the Playbook results. You have the option to return safe code without including potentially malicious JavaScript.


Key Value:  You can view specific bits of information that come from various sources. For example: Key- Product Value-[Alert.Product]

Free Text: You can view any information that the Admin has defined for you.