What's on the Cases page?

This article introduces you to some of the items on the Cases page

Case Queue Header


For more information, see What's on the Case Queue Header?

Case Top Bar - Left Side


In the Case Top Bar on the left, you can see the following:

Case Top Bar - Right Side


In the Case Top Bar on the right, you can see the following:

Case/Alert Information


The following options are available:

Additional Actions in the Cases page

In addition to the above information, the Manual Action and Task icons, and Alerts menu are conveniently located on the right side under the Case Top Bar allowing you to quickly navigate or perform a task or action.


Alerts List: the Alerts List icon is only displayed if there are more than two alerts in the case. You can select an alert from the menu and navigate to it.

Manual Action: while you are reviewing the case information, you can quickly create a Manual Action for it without navigating from the Cases page. For more information, see Perform a Manual Action.

Case Task: you can add a case specific task and assign it to a person or a role, including yourself. For more information, see Manage Tasks from the Cases page.

Alert Options Menu: for more information, see Alert Options Menu in the Cases page.