Google Analytics in Google Security Operations

The Google Security Operations product teams use Google Analytics to collect information about how customers use Google Security Operations and how Google Security Operations is performing. Google uses this information solely to improve Google Security Operations.

Do you have to allow Google Security Operations to connect to

No, you are free to block these connections with ad-blockers or other similar applications.

What are _ga and _gid cookies?

Google Analytics sets up a number of first-party cookies to keep track of your browser as you use Google Security Operations, enabling us to examine how you progress through the application over time. This information is sent to Google Analytics only and is not shared with any other site.

What information is being sent to Google Analytics?

Google only sends Google Analytics information about how you are using Google Security Operations, for example the names of the pages you visit and how long it took to load and render your data. Google does not send personally identifiable information (PII), including your user ID or your customer ID.