Binary Authorization

Deploy only trusted workloads for containers and serverless.

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Binary Authorization is a deploy-time security control that ensures only trusted container images are deployed on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or Cloud Run. With Binary Authorization, you can require images to be signed by trusted authorities during the development process and then enforce signature validation when deploying. By enforcing validation, you can gain tighter control over your container environment by ensuring only verified images are integrated into the build-and-release process.
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Enforce standardized container release practices

Using Binary Authorization, DevOps teams can gain assurance that only explicitly authorized container images will be deployed. By verifying images prior to deployment, you can reduce the risk of unintended or malicious code running in your environment.

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Put proactive security measures in place

Binary Authorization helps DevOps teams implement a proactive container security posture by ensuring only verified containers are admitted into the environment and that they remain trusted during runtime.

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Native integration

Binary Authorization integrates with the GKE and Cloud Run control plane to allow or block image deployment based on the policies that you define. You can also leverage integrations with Cloud Build and Container Registry Vulnerability Scanning to enable deploy-time controls based on build information and vulnerability findings.


Policy creation

Define policies at the project and cluster levels based on the security requirements of your organization. Create distinct policies for multiple environments (e.g., production and test) in addition to CI/CD setups.

Policy verification and enforcement

Enforce policies by using Binary Authorization to verify signatures from vulnerability scanning tools like Container Registry Vulnerability Scanning, third-party solutions, or image signatures you generate.

Cloud Security Command Center integration

View results for policy violations as part of your single pane of glass for security in Security Command Center. Explore events such as failed deploy attempts due to policy restriction, or breakglass workflow activities.

Audit logging

Maintain a record of all policy violations and failed deployment attempts using Cloud Audit Logs.

Cloud KMS support

Use an asymmetric key you manage in Cloud Key Management Service to sign images for signature verification.

Open-source support for Kubernetes

Use the open-source Kritis tool to enforce signature verification across both on-premises Kubernetes and cloud GKE deployments.

Dry run support

Test changes to your policy in non-enforcing mode before deploying. See results including would-be-blocked deployments in Cloud Audit Logs.

Breakglass support

Bypass policy in an emergency using the breakglass workflow to ensure you aren't impeded from incident response. All breakglass incidents are recorded in Cloud Audit Logs.

Integration with third-party solutions

Integrate Binary Authorization with leading container security and CI/CD partners, such as CloudBees, Twistlock (Palo Alto Networks), and Terraform.


To learn more about how Binary Authorization is priced, please visit our pricing page.

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