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Google Cloud for banking

Stay nimble and shift to changing customer demands and market challenges.

Innovate by redesigning omnichannel customer experiences, transforming data and analytics for smarter decision-making, better managing risk and fraud, and improving operational efficiencies.


Unlock your bank’s wow potential

8 of the top 10 banks trust Google Cloud to modernize their core operations, transform data and analytics, and accelerate time to insights.

Transforming the financial services value chain with a data-first strategy

Eight solutions to creating more delightful customer experiences.
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Customer stories

See how banks around the world are transforming and achieving growth, reducing costs, gaining operational efficiencies, and managing risk. Dive into more customer case studies.

Security and compliance

Protect your sensitive data—including customer personally identifiable information (PII), transaction data, and payment card details—through identity management, network security, threat detection and response.

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Drive innovation and scale

Modernize apps and get real-time insights

Migrate and modernize your infrastructure to eliminate IT management demands, drive efficiency, reduce costs, quickly understand customer needs and journeys, and deliver services in real time.

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Enhance digital experiences with connected interactions

Accelerate open banking delivery, embed services in non-financial products your customers already use, and deliver better loan and contact center experiences.

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Prevent fraud and manage risk

Mitigate fraud, protect customer data, efficiently analyze and simulate risk, and predict credit risk and customer life cycle value.

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Simplify regulatory reporting

Leverage granular data and cloud-based architectures to reimagine and scale your regulatory, finance, and risk reporting. 

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