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Google Cloud for payments

Build a secure foundation for global growth in payments.

Open up new revenue streams, guard costs and scale across geographies, maintain positive customer experiences, and ensure secure transactions while maintaining the highest compliance standards.


Scale your payments infrastructure for growth

Innovative and growing payments providers trust Google Cloud infrastructure to help them create new revenue streams, modernize their applications, and securely bring together data silos.

Transforming the financial services value chain with a data-first strategy

Eight solutions to creating more delightful customer experiences.
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Customer stories

Explore how payments providers are using Google Cloud to modernize their apps, unify data, create new and scalable revenue streams, reduce risk, and prevent fraud.

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Security and compliance

Protect your sensitive data—including customer personally identifiable information (PII), transaction data, and payment card details—through identity management, network security, threat detection and response.

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Drive innovation and scale

Accelerate time to market

Build new apps quickly and securely. Integrate new payment methods more rapidly by reducing friction to innovate and deliver services and adopting a reusable product approach. 

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Increase revenue

Gain the capacity to increase transactions, develop value-added services, and deliver enhanced merchant experiences. Develop merchant footprints at scale through portals, payment terminals, and APIs.

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Reduce operating costs

Leverage AI, ML, self-service, and automation to reduce operating costs, scale your merchant business, and automate the onboarding process. 

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Scale rapidly and securely

Be ready for increasing volumes, speed, and payment types and expand to new markets with one of the largest, contiguous, high-performance networks in the world while preventing fraud.

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Drive operational resilience

Build open and transparent architectures that support both hybrid and multi-cloud deployments to increase operational resilience, manage risk, and meet regulatory demands.

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