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Google Cloud for Insurance

Maximize data insights to drive smart decisions and more value.

Leverage the power of data and analytics in a modernized infrastructure to profitably grow, innovate, and compete to create customer-centric experiences while reducing cost and risk.

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Innovate across the insurance value chain

Strengthen decision-making, deliver customer-centric experiences, and modernize business models by simplifying cloud migration and maximizing data analytics.

Transforming the financial services value chain with a data-first strategy

Eight solutions to creating more delightful customer experiences.
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Security and compliance

Protect your sensitive data—including customer personally identifiable information (PII), transaction data, and payment card details—through identity management, network security, threat detection, and response.

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Why Google Cloud for insurance

Boost your insurance claims response

Accelerate your response to disasters by using AI capabilities to analyze aerial photos to assess the damage to properties and sort through the claims.

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Exceed customer expectations

Meet high customer expectations for fast and accurate assistance and omnichannel experiences that are available 24/7.

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Price your insurance products with predictive analytics

Combine your data with public datasets, such as datasets provided by the NOAA Big Data Program, and use predictive analytics for dynamic insurance pricing.

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Quickly innovate and analyze results

Unlock customer insights to predict your customers’ future needs and personalize your offerings and to deliver privacy-centric experiences and grow your business.

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Move to the cloud more securely

Understand how financial services organizations can more securely move to the cloud while digitally transforming their businesses.

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