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Google Cloud for capital markets

Build the financial markets foundation for the future.

Solve key data and technology challenges to expand market access, manage risk, streamline post-trade operations, accelerate alpha generation, and reduce regulatory costs.

Watch how generative AI can help find and summarize complex information

Finance - capital markets

Accelerate innovation in capital markets

Leading exchanges, data providers, and buy-side and sell-side investment firms trust Google Cloud to help them reduce complexity and expand globally, securely, and efficiently.

Goldman Sachs turns to Google Cloud for innovative ideas and to help mitigate risk

Firms across the global financial markets thrive with Google Cloud

See how capital markets organizations around the world are overcoming data and technology challenges and transforming their operating models to generate better business outcomes, reduce risk, and stay compliant.

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Security and compliance

Protect your sensitive data—including customer personally identifiable information (PII) and transactional data—through identity management, network security, and threat detection and response.

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Drive innovation and scale

Open, flexible approach

Our long-term vision is to address the industry’s most complex challenges and help our customers build a more accessible and secure market foundation in the cloud. 

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Securing your cloud transformation

Adopting cloud computing technologies and services presents financial services institutions with opportunities to address many forms of security risks in new, innovative, and more effective ways.

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High-performance infrastructure

Tick data analytics performance in Google Cloud improves up to 18x in the latest STAC benchmark.

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Data distribution, discovery, access, and analytics

Google Cloud’s Datashare solution brings together the entire capital markets ecosystem—data publishers, and data consumers—to exchange market data securely and easily.

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Preparing for the future with AI

Google Cloud’s wide array of AI/ML technologies helps enable faster decisions related to interconnected risk and capital allocation.

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