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Cloud Asset Inventory

A metadata inventory service that allows you to view, monitor, and analyze all your Google Cloud and Anthos assets across projects and services.

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Discover, monitor, and analyze all your assets in one place

Gaining visibility into resources and policies is essential for tasks like IT ops, security analytics, fleet management, auditing, and governance. Cloud Asset Inventory provides one place to easily see an aggregated view, monitor, analyze, and understand all these assets across projects and services. 
Get visibility with history of your Google Cloud and Anthos assets logo

Get visibility with history of your Google Cloud and Anthos assets

Cloud Asset Inventory supports resources from the most popular Google Cloud services across compute, storage, big data, and more, such as Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cloud SQL, and Cloud Storage. Plus various types of policies, like IAM policy, Org policy, etc. It also covers assets from Anthos deployment, including Kubernetes resources and RBAC policies. It is one place to view your entire deployment on Google Cloud and Anthos, also view the historical configuration changes for all your assets.

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Continuous monitoring and assessment

Not only can you export a snapshot of your entire inventory at any point of time, you can also get real-time notifications on asset config changes through Cloud Pub/Sub. You can then initiate different operations based on the change to achieve continuous monitoring and assessment at one place.

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Data analysis, security, auditing, and compliance

With the export to BigQuery feature, you can easily locate assets, run analysis on your inventory, and complete compliance checks on your Google Cloud and Anthos environments.


Fully managed inventory service

Fully managed and scalable inventory service; so you don’t have to worry about the scalability and storage of your inventory data.

Export all your assets at a point of time

Export your inventory by organizations, folders, or projects to a Cloud Storage bucket or a BigQuery table, then run analysis and data processing from there.

Export asset change history

See full change history of assets, so you can easily answer questions such as, “What are the changes made to this firewall rule in the past 30 days?”

Real-time notification on asset config change

Set up Cloud Pub/Sub channels to get real-time updates on any asset config change, reduce the frequency of exports, and easily achieve continuous monitoring.

Fine-grained IAM permission control

You can control the access to Cloud Asset Inventory data down to each resource and policy type, so you can benefit from the power of a centralized inventory, and also achieve least privilege when needed.

Powerful data analysis through BigQuery

Cloud Asset Inventory directly integrates with BigQuery, so that you can run complex queries using BigQuery once you export asset data from Cloud Asset Inventory.

Search through your resources and IAM policies

Sift through millions of assets using a simple command to identify the resource or IAM policy you need. For example, quickly look up VMs with a certain label or find the right IAM policies containing a certain role or outside domain. With the search functionality, you can quickly and easily perform asset management and risk analysis.

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"Cloud Asset Inventory provides deep and detailed information on resource metadata that will enable us to better analyze our Google Cloud assets and automate operations."

Antoine Castex, Cloud Developer and Product Manager, Veolia


Cloud Asset Inventory services are free of charge, however, you are responsible for any costs associated with storing data that Cloud Asset Inventory produces, such as any data written to buckets in Cloud Storage.

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View, monitor, and analyze all your Google Cloud assets.

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