Google Cloud Adoption Framework

Move to the cloud with confidence. The Google Cloud Adoption Framework helps you identify key activities and objectives that will reliably accelerate your cloud journey.

How to use the Google Cloud Adoption Framework

Learn about the capabilities your organization needs to cultivate for successful cloud adoption.

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Themes for a successful cloud adoption

To build a truly cloud-first organization, there are four realms you’ll need to excel in, whatever your business goals. These themes will be the foundation of your cloud readiness.


Your cloud adoption effectiveness derives from both sponsors’ top-down mandates and bottom-up momentum from your teams’ cross-functional collaboration.


Your ability to continuously learn is determined by both efforts to upskill your IT staff and knowledge shared by third-party contractors and partners.


Your ability to scale in the cloud is determined by the extent to which you abstract away your infrastructure with managed and serverless cloud services.


You can ensure your cloud estate’s security by controlling who can access and impact which resources and understanding the data that needs protecting.

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