Spot VMs pricing

Spot VMs are highly affordable compute instances suitable for batch jobs and fault-tolerant workloads that can withstand possible instance preemptions.

Spot VMs offer the same machine types, options, and performance as regular instances while reducing your Compute Engine costs by up to 91%.

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How Spot VM pricing works

Spot prices are variable and can change up to once every 30 days, but always provide discounts of 60-91% off of the corresponding on-demand price for machine types, GPUs, and Local SSD.

Prices adjust based on market trends and supply and demand for Spot VMs capacity. You pay the Spot price that is in effect when your instances are running. Pricing information is shared in advance as a courtesy and is subject to change. While we guarantee the price of any particular resource won't change more than once every 30 days, you may be notified more frequently. To compare Spot prices to on-demand and commitment rates, visit the Compute Engine pricing page.

Prices listed are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, and do not reflect any enterprise negotiated pricing. To view your account’s specific Spot pricing history, you can export your Cloud Billing data to BigQuery.

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Pricing components

Spot VMs are charged based on usage, in the same way as regular instances. A bill is sent out at the end of each billing cycle, providing a sum of Google Cloud charges. Prices on this page are listed in U.S. dollars (USD). Disk size and machine type memory are listed in gigabytes (GB), where 1 GB is 2^30 bytes. Custom machine shapes are charged at a different rate than standard shapes.

Current Spot VMs Pricing

Spot prices are dynamic and can change up to once every 30 days, but provide discounts of 60-91% off of the corresponding on-demand price for most machine types and GPUs. Spot prices also provide smaller discounts for local SSDs and A3 machine types. For more information, see the Spot VMs documentation.

GPU Pricing

TPU Pricing

Prices displayed here are per chip-hour in USD.

Cloud TPU Version
(per chip-hour)
Region Location Spot
TPU v5p us-east5 Ohio $2.1000
us-east1 South Carolina $2.1000
TPU v5e us-central-1 Iowa $0.6000
us-east5 Ohio $0.6000
us-south1 Dallas $0.708
us-west1 Oregon $0.6000
us-west4 Nevada $0.6000
europe-west1 Belgium $0.6607
europe-west4 Netherlands $0.7800
asia-southeast1 Singapore $0.7800
TPU v4 pod us-central2 Oklahoma $0.9660
TPU v3 pod europe-west4 Netherlands $0.6000
TPU v3 device europe-west4 Netherlands $0.6600
TPU v2 pod us-central1 Iowa $0.4500
europe-west4 Netherlands $0.4950
TPU v2 device asia-east1 Taiwan $0.3915
europe-west4 Netherlands $0.3713

Local SSD pricing

Estimate your cost

Estimate the cost of using Spot VMs with the Compute Engine pricing calculator. Choose "Spot (Preemptible VM)" as the provisioning model.

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