Cloud Vision pricing

The Vision API provides a set of features for analyzing images. Across these scenarios, we enable you to pay only for what you use with no upfront commitments. The API supports the following features:

Feature type
CROP_HINTS Determine suggested vertices for a crop region on an image.
DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION Perform OCR on dense text images, such as documents (PDF/TIFF), and images with handwriting. TEXT_DETECTION can be used for sparse text images. Takes precedence when both DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION and TEXT_DETECTION are present.
FACE_DETECTION Detect faces within the image.
IMAGE_PROPERTIES Compute a set of image properties, such as the image's dominant colors.
LABEL_DETECTION Add labels based on image content.
LANDMARK_DETECTION Detect geographic landmarks within the image.
LOGO_DETECTION Detect company logos within the image.
OBJECT_LOCALIZATION Detect and extract multiple objects in an image.
SAFE_SEARCH_DETECTION Run SafeSearch to detect potentially unsafe or undesirable content.
TEXT_DETECTION Perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on text within the image. Text detection is optimized for areas of sparse text within a larger image. If the image is a document (PDF/TIFF), has dense text, or contains handwriting, use DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION instead.
WEB_DETECTION Detect topical entities such as news, events, or celebrities within the image, and find similar images on the web using the power of Google Image Search.
If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.


Charges are incurred per image. For files with multiple pages, such as PDF files, each page is treated as an individual image.

Each feature applied to an image is a billable unit. For example, if you apply Face Detection and Label Detection to the same image, you are billed for one unit of Label Detection and one unit for Face Detection.

The table below shows the price for each feature per 1000 units. Pricing is tiered - the first 1000 units used each month are free, units 1001 to 5,000,000 are priced as marked, etc.

Feature Price per 1000 units
First 1000 units/month Units 1001 - 5,000,000 / month Units 5,000,001 and higher / month
Label Detection Free $1.50 $1.00
Text Detection Free $1.50 $0.60
Document Text Detection Free $1.50 $0.60
Safe Search (explicit content) Detection Free Free with Label Detection, or $1.50 Free with Label Detection, or $0.60
Facial Detection Free $1.50 $0.60
Facial Detection - Celebrity Recognition Free $1.50 $0.60
Landmark Detection Free $1.50 $0.60
Logo Detection Free $1.50 $0.60
Image Properties Free $1.50 $0.60
Crop Hints Free Free with Image Properties, or $1.50 Free with Image Properties, or $0.60
Web Detection Free $3.50 Contact Google for more information
Object Localization Free $2.25 $1.50

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.


If your application made the following requests in a particular month:

  • 700 images with label detection
  • 5300 images with landmark detection

Your cost would be:

  • $0 for 700 label detection requests.
  • $0 for the first 1000 landmark detection requests.
  • $7.50 for the remaining 4300 landmark detection requests. Pricing is calculated in 1000-request blocks. For example, exactly 4000 requests is priced at 4 * $1.50. Any number of requests between 4001 and 5000 (including the 4300 requests in this example) moves the total into the next (5th) block of 1000 and is priced accordingly, adding another $1.50 to the existing cost and bringing the total cost to 5 * $1.50, or $7.50.

Total cost is $7.50.

Google Cloud Platform costs

You may be charged for other Google Cloud resources used in your project, such as Compute Engine instances, Cloud Storage, etc. For full information, consult our Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator to determine those separate costs based on current rates.

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