Cloud Talent Solution pricing

Pricing as of January 5, 2021

Cloud Talent Solution is priced according to the number of search and searchForAlerts calls sent and number of jobs and companies stored per month, outlined in the table below. You must enable billing in order to use Cloud Talent Solution, however you will only be charged if your usage exceeds 10,000 search/searchForAlert calls or 10,000 jobs and companies per month. Only search calls resulting in a 200 HTTP response are considered for billing. Billing for stored jobs and companies is prorated according to how long the jobs and companies have been stored in a given month. Charges are applied to all projects that use Cloud Talent Solution and are billed to the billing accounts associated with these projects. Both open and expired jobs are billed. Expired jobs are retained in our system for 90 days before they are automatically deleted. You can delete the jobs sooner to avoid billing for expired jobs.

You can also use the Google Cloud Platform pricing calculator to estimate your Cloud Talent Solution costs.

Prices per search/searchForAlert call

Number of search/searchForAlert calls per month Price per call
1-10,000 Free
10,001+ $0.0015

Prices per Job/Company stored

Number of Jobs/Companies stored per month Price per Job/Company stored
1-10,000 Free
10,001+ $0.00025

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