Cloud Source Repositories pricing

This page contains current pricing and quota information for Cloud Source Repositories.

Always free usage limits

As part of the Google Cloud Free Tier, Cloud Source Repositories offers some resources free of charge up to a specific limit. These free usage limits are available during and after the free trial period. If you go over these usage limits and are no longer in the free trial period, you will be charged according to the pricing on this page.

Resource Monthly free usage limits Details
Project-users per billing account Cloud Source Repositories is free for up to 5 project-users per billing account.

A project-user is a unique user who reads from or modifies a repository within one project. A unique user who reads from or modifies multiple projects will count as multiple project-users. Giving a user access to a project does not incur charges unless the user accesses a repository within the project.

For example, if you have 2 projects linked to the same billing account, and you access a repository in each project, you would count as 2 project-users for that billing account.

If you have 1 project with 3 repositories, and you access each repository within that project once you would count as 1 project-user.

Project-users are only counted when users directly access Cloud Source Repositories. For example, when Mirroring Repositories, only users who directly access the Cloud Source Repositories project(s) are counted as project-users. Reading or writing from the mirrored repository on the GitHub or Bitbucket server does not count as accessing the project, and will not incur charges.

Storage Cloud Source Repositories is free for up to 50 GB of storage per month.

Storage is calculated across all Cloud Source Repositories project(s).

Data transfer Cloud Source Repositories is free for up to 50 GB of outbound data transfer per month.

Cloud Source Repositories pricing

Cloud Source Repositories charges are billed monthly. Any activity on a billable repository during the month will be charged according to the pricing model.

Cloud Source Repositories pricing is as follows:

Resource Pricing Details
Number of repositories No charge Cloud Source Repositories does not charge based on the number of repositories you create, but you are subject to the quotas and limitations on repositories.
Per-project users $1 per project-user above 5 project-users per month Project-user charges are not prorated. The full charge is assessed when a new unique user reads from or modifies a repository, no matter what day of the month the access occurs.
Storage charges $0.10 per GB per month above 50 GB Disk storage is prorated.
Network data transfer charges $0.10 per GB of network data transfer per month above 50 GB Data transfer charges are prorated.

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

Quotas and limitations

A single Google Cloud project can have a maximum of 1,000 repositories.

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