Cloud Deploy pricing

This document explains Cloud Deploy pricing details.

Basic pricing

Cloud Deploy charges for active multiple-target delivery pipelines.

Pricing table

Item Delivery pipeline cost
First active multiple-target delivery pipeline (per billing account) No charge
Each additional active multiple-target delivery pipeline $5 per billing month

 An active delivery pipeline is a delivery pipeline for which at least one release or rollout has been created during the billing month. If a release or rollout is created for that delivery pipeline during that month, then your organization is billed for that delivery pipeline at the rate specified in the pricing table on this page. Delivery pipelines that aren't active don't incur the charge.

A multiple-target delivery pipeline is a delivery pipeline that references more than one target. This may be a delivery pipeline with a progression using more than one target, or a delivery pipeline using a multi-target. Delivery pipelines using exactly one target do not incur a charge. A delivery pipeline using multiple targets that is activated at any time during an invoicing period can be charged as a multiple target delivery pipeline.

Pricing is determined based on delivery pipeline name. If you delete a pipeline and then create a new one with the same name, they're treated as a single pipeline, for billing purposes.

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

Charges from other Google Cloud services

In addition to per-delivery-pipeline charges from Cloud Deploy, you incur charges from other services which Cloud Deploy depends on:

  • Cloud Build

    Cloud Deploy uses Cloud Build for rendering and deploying. These activities are performed in the same region as the delivery pipeline. You're billed for each activity according to Cloud Build's pricing.

    By default, Cloud Deploy uses an e2-medium Cloud Build instance.

    Cloud Deploy delivery pipelines can be configured to use a Cloud Build custom worker, for which you're billed according to custom worker pricing.

  • Cloud Storage

    Cloud Deploy uses a Cloud Storage bucket to store rendering source code and rendered Kubernetes manifests. The bucket is located in the same regions as the Cloud Deploy delivery pipeline. You're billed at the regional Cloud Storage pricing.

  • Cloud Audit Logs

    Cloud Deploy uses Cloud Audit Logs to create audit logs. You're billed at Cloud Audit Logs pricing

  • Google Cloud Observability

    Cloud Deploy uses Cloud Logging for storing platform logs.

    You're billed at standard Google Cloud Observability pricing.

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