Datastream pricing


This page describes pricing for Datastream. To see the pricing for other products, read the Pricing documentation.

If you pay in a currency other than USD, then the prices listed in your currency on Google Cloud SKUs apply.

Pricing summary

Datastream pricing is based on gigabytes (GBs) processed. Usage is billed in per-byte increments, on a per-stream basis, and is stated in GB (500 MB is 0.5 GB, for example). There are no additional costs for running streams other than data processed, and an idle stream does not incur any cost.

Change data capture (CDC) and backfill

Datastream streams data from a source to a destination by one of two methods:

  • Change data capture (CDC): Datastream captures ongoing changes from the source in real time.
  • Backfill: Datastream takes a historical snapshot of data that exists in a table.

Each streaming method is charged at a different rate, described in Pricing details.

Pricing details

In this section, you'll see the charges that apply for each streaming method when using Datastream.

To see the costs that you'll incur for using Datastream for a region where Datastream is available, select a region from the drop-down menu below.

Datastream CDC costs are tiered, meaning that as your usage increases, the price per GB decreases. The reduced price applies only to usage within the tier (GBs processed in lower tiers will still be charged based on the cost for that tier). Backfill uses a flat rate, but the first 500 GB each month is free. See a detailed example below.

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

Contact sales for pricing beyond 10 TB (CDC).

Usage of other Google Cloud resources

In addition to the cost of data processed by Datastream, you're billed for any resources that you use to transfer, store, or process your data, such as:

Pricing example

As an example, consider a stream that processes data from a source with the following characteristics:

Backfill of data currently in the source 600 GB
Volume of changes in a month (CDC) 3,000 GB
Destination BigQuery
Region Iowa (us-central1)

This Datastream stream will perform a one-time backfill of existing data, as well as capture ongoing changes from the source. The data is written directly to BigQuery, so there are no additional charges for ingesting the data in BigQuery.

Datastream pricing would use the following formula:

Backfill charge = (backfill size - 500 GB) * backfill price = (600 - 500) * $0.40 = $40.00

CDC charge = (2,500 GB * $2.00/GB) + (500 GB * $1.50/GB) = $5,000.00 + $750.00 = $5,750.00

Total Datastream charge = Backfill charge + CDC charge = $40.00 + $5,750.00 = $5,790.00

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