Artifact Analysis pricing

Automatic scanning

If you choose to enable the automatic vulnerability scanning feature for your container images, the price is $0.26 per scanned container image.

  1. When you enable the Container Scanning API, billing begins immediately.

  2. Artifact Analysis automatically scans an image the first time you push it to the registry and charges you for the initial scan. This charge applies only to the initial scan and is not affected by the number of layers on the base image. Once the image has been uploaded and initially scanned, subsequent scans of the same image are free.

    Each image is uniquely identified by a digest. Images with the same digest are considered the same image.

  3. Artifact Analysis does not automatically scan existing images after you enable the API. To scan an existing image, you must push it again.

Each new version of an image is associated with a digest, a unique identifier that is created when you push the image to Artifact Analysis. Tags that you add to an image are labels and do not change the content of the image, therefore you are not billed for adding or editing tags.

On-Demand Scanning

If you choose to enable the On-Demand Scanning API in your project, the price is $0.26 per scanned container image.

Advanced vulnerability insights

Within Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) security posture dashboard, Artifact Analysis provides advanced vulnerability insights, a paid tier of continual scanning that detects software vulnerabilities among OS images and popular open source programming languages used to build applications. Advanced vulnerability insights can be enabled on a per-cluster basis.

Promotional period for advanced vulnerability insights

  • Starting on August 14, 2023, charges are billed with a 100% discount
  • Starting on or after November 15, 2023, charges are billed at 100%, which is $0.04 per cluster hour, for each enabled cluster

View your billing report

The Cloud Billing Reports page lets you view your Google Cloud costs at glance. The Reports page displays a chart that plots usage costs for all projects linked to a Cloud Billing account. To include the promotional discounts in your report, make sure that the Discounts checkbox is selected in the Report Filters.

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