Getting support

If you encounter a problem using Vector Search, there are two ways to get support. In either case, include the following details in your communication:

  • The command or code you ran that triggered the problem.
  • The environment in which you ran the command or code. For example, did you run it in a Compute Engine instance or in an on-premises computer?
  • The behavior you observed and how it differs from what you expected.

Create a Cloud Customer Care ticket

If you have a Customer Care package, you can file a support ticket. For information about getting a Cloud Customer Care package, see Customer Care.

  1. In the Google Cloud console, navigate to the Cases page.

    Go to Cases

  2. Click Create case.

    • In the Title field, type Vector Search.
    • In the Category field, select Machine Learning.
    • In the Component field, select Vector Search.
    • In the Description field, provide the requested information and respond to the questions. Be sure to include relevant details, such as project / index / operation id, error messages etc.
    • Click Submit.

Ask the community

Alternatively, you can get support using one of the following public channels.

  • For client SDK related questions, file an issue on GitHub.
  • For other support questions, post them to the google-cloud-vertex-ai tag in Stack Overflow.