About accessing Vertex AI services through Private Service Connect endpoints

Some Vertex AI service producers require you to connect to their services through Private Service Connect endpoints. These services are listed in the Private access options for Vertex AI table. They support unidirectional communication from a service consumer's on-premises, multicloud, and VPC workloads to Google-managed Vertex AI services. Clients connect to the endpoint by using internal IP addresses. Private Service Connect performs network address translation (NAT) to route requests to the service.

Service consumers can use their own internal IP addresses to access these Vertex AI services without leaving their VPC networks or using external IP addresses by creating a consumer endpoint. The endpoint connects to services in another VPC network using a Private Service Connect forwarding rule.

On the service producer's side of the private connection, there is a VPC network where your service resources are provisioned. This network is created exclusively for you and contains only your resources.

The following diagram shows a Vector Search architecture in which the Vector Search API is enabled and managed in a service project (serviceproject) as part of a Shared VPC deployment. The Vector Search Compute Engine resources are deployed as a Google-managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) in the service producer's VPC network.

Private Service Connect endpoints are deployed in the service consumer's VPC network (hostproject) for index query, in addition to Private Service Connect endpoints for Google APIs for private index creation.

For more information, see Private Service Connect endpoints.


Before you configure Private Service Connect endpoints, learn about access considerations.

Private Service Connect endpoint deployment options

Private Service Connect endpoints support single and multi-tenant deployments. They also support Global Access, which allows consumer endpoint reachability from any region within Google Cloud, while the backend remains regional. For more information, see About accessing published services through endpoints.

Deployment considerations

Following are considerations for communication from your on-premises, multicloud, and VPC workloads to Google-managed Vertex AI services.

Private Service Connect network endpoint groups (NEG)

Google does not support using Private Service Connect network endpoint groups (NEG) with Vertex AI online prediction endpoints.

IP advertisement

  • When you use Private Service Connect to connect to services in another VPC network, you choose an IP address from a regular subnet in your VPC network.

  • By default, the Cloud Router will advertise regular VPC subnets unless custom advertisement mode is configured. For more information, see Custom advertisement mode.

  • The IP address for the consumer endpoint must be in the same region as the service producer's service attachment. For more information, see Service attachments and Access published services through endpoints.

Firewall rules

You must update the firewall rules for the VPC network that connects your on-premises and multicloud environments to Google Cloud to allow egress traffic to the Private Service Connect endpoint subnet. For more information, see Firewall rules.