Set up a VPC Network Peering connection

To reduce network latency for vector matching online queries, call the Vertex AI service endpoints from your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) by using private services access. For each Google Cloud project, only one VPC network can be peered with Vector Search. If you already have a VPC with private services access configured, you can use that VPC to peer with Vector Search.

VPC Network Peering connection configuration is an initial task required only one time per Google Cloud project. After this setup is done, you can make calls to the Vector Search index from any client running inside your VPC.

The VPC Network Peering connection is required only for vector matching online queries. API calls to create, deploy, and delete indexes do not require a VPC Network Peering connection.

A designated Google Cloud project administrator or network administrator can complete the following steps to create a VPC Network Peering connection.

  1. To set up your Google Cloud projects, enable billing, and enable APIs, complete the following Before you begin steps.

  2. To avoid IP address collisions between your VPC network and our service producer's network, you must allocate an IP address range for the Vector Search service in which the Vector Search indexes are deployed. For more information, see Allocating IP address ranges.

    # Note: `prefix-length=16` means a CIDR block with mask /16 is reserved for
    # use by Google services. Make sure to enable the Service Networking API.
    gcloud compute addresses create $PEERING_RANGE_NAME \
        --global \
        --prefix-length=16 \
        --description="peering range for Vector Search" \
        --network=$NETWORK_NAME \
        --purpose=VPC_PEERING \
    # Create the VPC connection.
    gcloud services vpc-peerings connect \ \
        --network=$NETWORK_NAME \
        --ranges=$PEERING_RANGE_NAME \

After you create a private connection, you can make online calls to a Vector Search index from any virtual machine (VM) instance running within the peered VPC.

Access control with IAM

Vertex AI uses Identity and Access Management (IAM) to manage access to resources. To grant access to a resource, assign one or more roles to a user, group, or service account.

To use Vector Search, use these predefined roles to grant varying levels of access to resources at the project level.