Windows workloads

This document provides links to information about creating and managing Windows VMs, licensing and pricing, and deploying Microsoft workloads related to Active Directory, .NET applications, IIS, and SQL Server.

Getting started, licensing, pricing

Quickly create Windows VMs, learn about Microsoft licensing options, and review prices for Windows images.

OS images

Learn about the available Windows images and create and manage custom Windows images.

Create VMs and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) nodes

Create and manage Windows Server VMs, deploy SQL Server, and create a GKE cluster of Windows Server containers.

Manage VMs

Connect to your Windows VMs, customize the VMs, manage storage, and configure passwords.

Active Directory, .NET, IIS, Windows, and SQL Server

The following is a sample of the tutorials for deploying Microsoft Windows Server, IIS, SQL Server, and Active Directory workloads, and .NET applications.

Active Directory and SharePoint



SQL Server


Get architectural guidance to deploy and manage Microsoft and Windows workloads on Google Cloud.

Get help

Diagnose and troubleshoot issues with provisioning and managing Windows workloads.