Structure prompts

How you structure a prompt can affect the model's ability to parse the information in the prompt. It also helps the model correctly interpret how to use the given information. To give structure to a prompt, you can use prefixes or XML tags to delimit different parts or components of a prompt.

Use prefixes to structure simple prompts

A prefix is a word or phrase followed by a colon to label the information in a prompt. In the following example, "TASK:, "CLASSES:," and "OBJECTS:" are the prefixes.

Classify the OBJECTS.

- Large
- Small
- Rhino
- Mouse
- Snail
- Elephant
- Rhino: Large
- Mouse: Small
- Snail: Small
- Elephant: Large

Use XML and other delimiters to structure complex prompts

For complex prompts, use XML and other delimiters to separate components of a prompt. You can use BEGIN and END or {} section delimiters for complex and lengthy prompt components to clearly distinguish them from the actual instructions.

You are a chatbot agent answering  customer's questions in a chat.
Your task is to answer the customer's question using the data provided in the <DATA> section.
  - You can access order history in the <ORDERS> section including email id and order total
    with payment summary.
  - Refer to <ORDERLINES> for item level details within each order in <ORDERS>.

Today is 2024-01-29

CC10182||2024-01-19|true|0.0|Not available
CC10183||2024-01-19|true|0.0|Not available}

liveryMethod|UnitPrice|OrderLineSubTotal|LineShippingCharge|TotalTaxes|Payments CC10182|1||Shorts|0.

- If there is no data that can help answer the question, respond with "I do not have this
  information. Please contact customer service".
- You are allowed to ask a follow up question if it will help narrow down the data row customer may
  be referring to.
- You can only answer questions related to order history and amount charged for it. Include OrderId
  in the response, when applicable.
- For everything else, please redirect to the customer service agent. 
- Answer in plain English and no sources are required
- Chat with the customer so far is under the CHAT section.

QUESTION: How much did I pay for my last order?

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