Supported Services

Access Google Cloud APIs from Cloud Functions by using a service account to act on your behalf. The service account provides Application Default Credentials for your functions.

Supported APIs

Cloud Functions can access most major Google Cloud services using language-specific API client libraries and/or REST APIs, including the following:

Supported event providers

Cloud Functions can be triggered by events provided by the following services:

Using services with Cloud Functions

API client libraries that use application default credentials automatically obtain the built-in service account credentials from the Cloud Functions host at runtime. By default, the client authenticates using the service account.

Routing with Cloud Load Balancing

Cloud Load Balancing is a separate product that enables advanced network configurations for all of your applications running on Google Cloud.

When HTTP(S) Load Balancing is enabled for serverless apps, you can:

  • Configure your serverless app to serve from a dedicated IPv4 and/or IPv6 IP address that is not shared with other services.

  • Reuse the same SSL certificates and private keys that you use for Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine, and Cloud Storage. This eliminates the need to manage separate certificates for serverless apps.

  • Use additional services that integrate with Cloud Load Balancing such as Cloud CDN, Google Cloud Armor, or security policies.

Note the following limitation and recommendations:

  • To use Cloud Load Balancing-enabled security capabilities such as Google Cloud Armor or security policies, you must change the ingress settings to be internal_and_gclb. Users who already have the Cloud Functions's default URL can otherwise bypass the load balancer and go directly to the function's URL.

  • Support for Identity-Aware Proxy integrated with Cloud Load Balancing for Cloud Functions is not available.