Monitor Health and Performance

Cloud Monitoring provides Cloud Run performance monitoring, metrics, and uptime checks, along with alerts to send notifications when certain metric thresholds are exceeded. Google Cloud Observability pricing applies, which means there is no charge for metrics on the fully managed version of Cloud Run.

Built-in metrics

Cloud Run is automatically integrated with Cloud Monitoring with no setup or configuration required. This means that metrics of your Cloud Run services and jobs are captured automatically when they are running.

You can view metrics either in Cloud Monitoring or in the Cloud Run service and jobs pages in the console. Cloud Monitoring provides more charting and filtering options.

Key Cloud Run metrics include the following:

Metric Services Jobs
Billable container instance time
Container startup latency
Container CPU utilisation
Container memory utilisation
Sent bytes
Received bytes
Request count
Request latencies
Container instance count
Maximum concurrent requests
Completed executions
Running executions
Completed task attempts
Running task attempts

For a list of all available Cloud Run metrics and more in-depth details, refer to the full overview of Cloud Run metrics in Cloud Monitoring.

Create custom metrics

To generate custom metrics from your Cloud Run service, you can deploy a sidecar agent such as OpenTelemetry or Prometheus.

Alternatively, you can use log-based metrics to collect custom metrics.

Resource types

The monitoring resource names for Cloud Run are:

View metrics in Cloud Run

You can view metrics for services and jobs in the corresponding service and jobs pages.

View metrics for a service

To view service metrics in the Cloud Run page:

  1. Go to Cloud Run

  2. Locate the service in the services list, and click on it.

  3. Click the METRICS tab to show the metrics for that service.

Metrics charts for Cloud Run services display deployment events.

View metrics for a job

To view job metrics in the Cloud Run page:

  1. Go to Cloud Run

  2. Click the JOBS tab

  3. Click the job in the jobs list.

  4. Click the METRICS tab to show the metrics for that job.

View metrics in Cloud Monitoring

To use Metrics Explorer to view the metrics for a monitored resource, follow these steps:

  1. In the Google Cloud console, go to the  Metrics explorer page:

    Go to Metrics explorer

    If you use the search bar to find this page, then select the result whose subheading is Monitoring.

  2. Select the Configuration tab, and then enter or select a Resource type and a Metric. Use the following information to complete the fields:
    1. For the Resource, select the resource type (for service or job).
    2. For the Metric, select one of the metrics in menu. For a full description of the available metrics, see: Monitoring Google Cloud metrics page.
  3. (Optional) To configure how the data is viewed, use the Filter, Group By, and Aggregator menus. For example, you can group by resource or metric labels. For more information, see Selecting metrics.

Add Uptime checks

You can use Cloud Monitoring to keep track of your services' performance. For more information, see Verify availability of your service(uptime checks).

Add Alerts

You can use Cloud Monitoring to send notification about certain events, such as uptime check failures. For more information, see Create and manage alerting policies for your service.