Export data with Data Boost

This page explains how to use Spanner Data Boost to export Spanner data with near-zero impact to existing workloads on the provisioned Spanner instance.

To learn about Data Boost, see Data Boost overview.

You can export data by using the Export data page in the Spanner console, or by using a Dataflow template.

Before you begin

Ensure that you have the spanner.databases.useDataBoost Identity and Access Management (IAM) permission. For more information, see Access control with IAM.

Export data by using the Spanner console

To export data in Avro format by using the Spanner console:

  1. Follow the instructions in Export databases from Spanner to Avro.

  2. Select the Use Spanner Data Boost checkbox.

To export data in CSV format:

Export data by using Dataflow templates

To run Dataflow exports with Data Boost, select one of the following options:


  1. Go to one of the following pages:

  2. Follow the Console instructions under Run the template.

  3. On the Create job from template page, under Optional parameters, enter true in the Use Spanner Data Boost field.

gcloud CLI

  1. Go to one of the following pages:

  2. Follow the gloud instructions under Run the template.

  3. Add the following parameter to the command:


    The following example runs the Spanner to Cloud Storage Avro template and specifies the use of Data Boost.

    gcloud dataflow jobs run my_export_job \
    --gcs-location gs://dataflow-templates/latest/Cloud_Spanner_to_GCS_Avro \
    --region us-central1 \
    --staging-location gs://mybucket/temp \
    --parameters \
    outputDir=gs://mybucket/export \

What's next