Connect psql to a PostgreSQL-dialect database

This page explains how to connect psql to a PostgreSQL-dialect database in Spanner. psql is the command-line front end to PostgreSQL.

  1. Ensure that PGAdapter is running on the same machine as the psql command.

    For more information, see Start PGAdapter.

  2. In a terminal window, start psql and specify localhost as the database server host.

    • Optionally specify a port number if PGAdapter is configured to listen on a port other than the default PostgreSQL port (5432).
    • Optionally specify one or more commands to send to the database or driver (for example, the JDBC driver). For each occurrence of the -c option, you can specify a single command or a batch of commands separated by semicolons (;). For more information, see psql command-line tool.

    psql -h localhost [-p PORT] [-c "COMMAND; ..."] ...

  3. Optional: Verify that psql successfully connected to a PostgreSQL-dialect database by submitting the following query:

    SELECT 1::bigint;

    This query is incompatible with GoogleSQL-dialect databases.

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