Integrate with Google Cloud products in Cloud Run

Cloud Run integrations lets you use the Google Cloud console UI and Google Cloud CLI to automatically create and configure the resources and services needed for the specific integrations, eliminating the complicated manual steps that would otherwise be required.

The following Cloud Run integrations are available:

Integration Details
Global external Application Load Balancer Map custom domains to Cloud Run services using a global external Application Load Balancer
Firebase Hosting Connect a Cloud Run service to Firebase Hosting
Memorystore Connect a Cloud Run service to Redis cache using Memorystore
Firestore Connect a Cloud Run service to a Firestore database
Vertex AI Connect a Cloud Run service to Vertex AI

Service accounts

Cloud Run integrations uses two types of service accounts during the integrations flow:

  • The Serverless Integrations service agent: Cloud Run integrations uses this service agent to access the required resources for the integrations feature to function (including Cloud Build and Cloud Storage).

    When you enable Serverless Integrations, Cloud Run automatically creates the service agent and grants the necessary role to the service agent. If you modify the role that was automatically granted to the service agent, the integration will no longer work.

  • The Serverless Integrations deployment service account: Cloud Run integrations uses this service account to create and configure the resources or services required for each integration.

    By default, the default Compute Engine service account is automatically created and used as the Serverless Integrations deployment service account. You can create a new service account and use the Google Cloud CLI to set the property on the project.

    This service account must be granted the required roles for each of its underlying resources. You can find the list of required roles in each integration guide.


Cloud Run integrations are free to use. However, the underlying resources and services used by the integrations are subject to their individual pricing.


See the list of supported regions for Cloud Run integrations.