Clean up the sample cluster and workload

When you finish learning about GKE, clean up to avoid billing charges.

If you plan to take additional tutorials, wait until you finish those tutorials before you clean up. You can use the sample Kubernetes cluster in most GKE tutorials.

Clean up to avoid billing charges

If you created a new project to learn about GKE and you no longer need the project, delete the project.

If you used an existing GKE project, delete the resources you created to avoid incurring charges to your account:

  1. Go to the GKE Clusters page.

    Go to Clusters

  2. Select the row containing hello-world-cluster, and click Delete.

  3. In the Delete hello-world-cluster window, do the following:

    1. In the hello-world-cluster field, enter hello-world-cluster.

    2. Click Delete.

    If you receive an error message about the cluster being repaired, you can wait for the process to complete, and then delete the cluster. This operation might take some time to complete.

  4. If you created a logs sink and bucket when following instructions in other tutorials:

    1. Go to the Cloud Logging Logs storage page.

      Go to Logs storage

    2. Select hello-world-cluster-bucket and click Delete.

    3. Go to the Logging Log router page.

      Go to Log router

    4. Select hello-world-cluster-sink and click Delete.

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