Google Distributed Cloud Hosted frequently asked questions

Can GDC Hosted operate disconnected from the internet?

Yes, GDC Hosted is a fully disconnected, air-gapped solution. It does not depend on a connection to Google Cloud.

Can I use my own hardware, and just install the software?

No, GDC Hosted is a converged solution consisting of hardware and software.

What's the difference between a "hosted" proof of concept (POC) and an "on prem" POC?

A "hosted" POC is a short-term POC intended for customers to test GDC Hosted services without shipping and installing hardware. Customers can remotely log in to a GDC Hosted instance and evaluate service performance and functionality.

An "on prem" POC is for customers that want a more hands-on experience where hardware is shipped to and installed at a trusted customer facility. This POC allows users to assess how GDC Hosted hardware and software will interact with their current infrastructure, test non-production workloads, and familiarize IT operators with the system.

What's the minimum amount of hardware needed for GDC Hosted to run?

A production GDC Hosted system can run on as few as four racks of hardware and can be scaled up as the customer needs additional capacity.

How can I find out more information about GDC Hosted?

Read our GDC Hosted documentation to find out more. If you want to know more, contact us.

How will GDC Hosted be supported?

GDC Hosted can be fully managed by Google or managed by a trusted partner. Google provides full support to our operating partners, and those partners provide support to their end users.

Does GDC Hosted use custom Google infrastructure?

No, GDC Hosted was designed to operate using industry standard racks and equipment, ensuring the customers have access to a global, trusted, supply chain.

Is GDC Hosted a managed cloud offering?

Yes. End users will consume cloud services provided by GDC Hosted as managed cloud services. GDC Hosted includes a full suite of operations tools, runbooks, and processes, to help ensure that customers have a quality cloud experience, regardless if it's delivered directly by Google, or by a trusted local operating partner.

I'm a software vendor, how can I enable GDC Hosted customers to use my product?

GDC Hosted Marketplace enables software vendors to distribute certified software in air-gapped environments. Get started with the GDC Hosted software certification program by contacting us at

What partners can operate GDC Hosted today?

We just signed our first partnership agreement with Proximus in Belgium and Luxembourg, and expect more to be announced later this year. More generally, we collaborate with best-of-breed operators on a country-by-country basis based on the needs of our customers in that market. Customers generally choose an operating partner based on regulatory or sovereignty requirements.

How much does GDC Hosted cost?

The GDC Hosted evaluation configuration pricing starts at $300,000 per month. GDC Hosted offers additional flexible commercial models and provides cloud billing capabilities, including labeling of resources, enabling budgeting, and chargeback between different organizations. To learn more, visit the Google Distributed Cloud Hosted website. If you would like to discuss your air-gapped cloud requirements, complete this form, and a member of our team will be in touch.