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Cloud Fleet Routing

A managed routing service that takes your list of orders, vehicles, constraints, and objectives and returns the most efficient plan for your entire fleet in near real-time. The service creates multi-point itineraries with up-to-date data on distances between points and estimated travel times. Get suggested routes with unlimited waypoints that factor in predictive and real-time traffic conditions. With optimized routes and the ability to locate and visualize trucks in real time, you can keep your drivers out of slowdowns, maximize your fleet utilization, schedule inactive trucks for maintenance, and decrease late deliveries.

Our Optimization for Scheduling and Fleet Routing saves cost and delivers solutions in near real-time.

  1. Fast iteration during planning phase (e.g. if new packages come in unexpectedly, mistakes made, etc.).
  2. Real time re-optimization throughout delivery period in the face of emerging events (major traffic incidents, list of new pickups to make, consumers changing delivery windows, etc..)
  3. Run large # of solver jobs in parallel to do what-if analysis, use to dynamically determine what booking options to surface and at what price to end users.

We provide the flexibility of bringing your own distance matrix using third-party services, which is the default option in the Cloud Fleet Routing Service offered by Cloud Optimization API. Alternatively, you can choose to use Google Maps Platform's Distance Matrix API by enabling the Google Maps for Fleet Routing plug-in. If you choose to enable the Distance Matrix API integration, we'll pass your location data on your behalf to the Distance Matrix API. Your use of the Distance Matrix API through this optional integration is governed by the Google Maps Platform's Terms of Service. Your use of the Cloud Optimization API and Cloud Fleet Routing (not including the location data sent to Distance Matrix API) is governed by the Google Cloud Platform Terms of Service (including, without limitation, the associated pre-GA Offerings Terms when applicable).

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