CDN Interconnect overview

CDN Interconnect enables select third-party Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers to establish direct peering links with Google's edge network at various locations, which enables you to direct your traffic from your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks to a provider's network.

CDN Interconnect enables you to optimize your CDN population costs and use direct connectivity to select CDN providers from Google Cloud.

Your network traffic egressing from Google Cloud through one of these links benefits from the direct connectivity to supported CDN providers and is billed automatically with reduced pricing.

Setting up CDN Interconnect

If your CDN provider is already part of the program, you don't have to do anything. Traffic from supported Google Cloud locations to your CDN provider automatically takes advantage of the direct connection and reduced pricing.

Work with your supported CDN provider to learn what locations are supported and how to correctly configure your deployment to use intra-region egress routes. CDN Interconnect does not require any configuration or integration with Cloud Load Balancing.

If your CDN provider is not part of the program, contact your CDN provider and ask them to work with Google to get connected.

Typical use cases for CDN Interconnect

  • High-volume egress traffic. If you're populating your CDN with large data files from Google Cloud, you can use the CDN Interconnect links between Google Cloud and selected providers to automatically optimize this traffic and save money.
  • Frequent content updates. Cloud workloads that frequently update data stored in CDN locations benefit from using CDN Interconnect because the direct link to the CDN provider reduces latency for these CDN destinations.

    For example, if you have frequently updated data served by the CDN originally hosted on Google Cloud, you might consider using CDN Interconnect.


The special pricing for your traffic egressing from Google Cloud to a CDN provider is automatic. Google works with approved CDN partners in supported locations to allowlist provider IP addresses. This means that any data that you send to your allowlisted CDN provider from Google Cloud is charged at the reduced price. This reduced price applies only to IPv4 traffic. It does not apply to IPv6 traffic.

Traffic between Google Cloud and pre-approved CDN Interconnect locations is billed as follows:

  • Ingress traffic is free for all regions.
  • Egress traffic rates apply only to data leaving Compute Engine or Cloud Storage. Egress charges for CDN Interconnect appear on the invoice as Compute Engine Network Egress via Carrier Peering Network.

    For inter-region CDN Interconnect traffic rates, see Internet egress rates.

Intra-region pricing for CDN Interconnect applies only to intra-region egress traffic that is sent to Google-approved CDN Interconnect providers at specific locations that Google approves for those providers.

Consult with your CDN provider to verify that they are an approved provider, and if so, which of their CDN locations are approved for this program. They can help you set up your deployment to use intra-region egress routes when using Google Cloud as the origin source.

Continental location Intra-region CDN Interconnect traffic rate
NA $0.04/GB
EU $0.05/GB
APAC $0.06/GB

Google-approved service providers

Review the list of CDN Interconnect service providers and choose the option that best suits your needs.

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