Deep Learning VM Image

Preconfigured VMs for deep learning applications.

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Build your deep learning project fast on Google Cloud

Provision a VM quickly with everything you need to get your deep learning project started on Google Cloud. Deep Learning VM Image makes it easy and fast to instantiate a VM image containing the most popular AI frameworks on a Google Compute Engine instance without worrying about software compatibility. You can launch Compute Engine instances pre-installed with TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn and more. You can also easily add Cloud GPU and Cloud TPU support.
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Broad support

Deep Learning VM Image supports the most popular and latest machine learning frameworks, like TensorFlow and PyTorch.

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Optimized for performance

To accelerate your model training and deployment, Deep Learning VM Images are optimized with the latest NVIDIA® CUDA-X AI libraries and drivers and the Intel® Math Kernel Library.

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Fast prototyping

Get started immediately with all the required frameworks, libraries, and drivers pre-installed and tested for compatibility.

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Integrated notebook experience

Deep Learning VM Image delivers a seamless notebook experience with integrated support for JupyterLab, the latest web-based interface for Project Jupyter, the de facto standard of interactive environments for running machine learning experiments.

Our customers

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Broad framework support

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